In 2019, HKR International Limited (“HKRI”)*, an international real estate conglomerate listed in Hong Kong, launched the “PRI2DE Creative Camp” CSR project to provide a platform for aspiring designers and artists to showcase their creativity and gain hands-on experience. The previous editions of the project are themed as Clock Tower, Un’usual Design Home and Movable Chair chronologically.

*HKRI has diversified interests in real estate development and investment, property management, luxury hotels and serviced apartments, and other investments in Hong Kong, mainland China and across Asia. The Company’s diverse portfolio includes the well-recognised Discovery Bay and CDW Building in Hong Kong, HKRI Taikoo Hui in Shanghai, the award-winning Sukhothai hotels in Bangkok and Shanghai, and a number of premium residential properties under development in Shanghai, Jiaxing and Hangzhou. HKRI has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1989, under the Stock Code of 00480. To learn more, please visit

Design Theme

In the wake of the global pandemic, the concept of flexible, multipurpose living space arises out of necessity. Homeowners are increasingly utilising “flex spaces”, which can be repurposed to fit the changing needs of families, from a home gym to a workstation, study area, playroom, pet corner or entertainment zone. 

To address this growing trend, HKRI is hosting the fourth edition of the “PRI2DE Creative Camp” in Hong Kong this year, in collaboration with Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA) as Strategic Partner, to invite interior design talents to present their innovative designs for a two-bedroom layout of a 600 ft² apartment that echoes HKRI’s brand mission of “We Create a Lifestyle”.

Through this project, HKRI aims to co-create a smart, sustainable lifestyle that redefines the use of living space and gives home a multi-functional edge, in line with three of the Group’s PRI2DE corporate values – “Respect” that values the individual and cherishes our environment, “Innovation” that allows us to think outside the box, and “Excellence” that achieves consistency in the pursuit of our quality standards.

Key Dates

10 November 2023

“Call for Entries” Deadline

November - December 2023

Screening and Judging

By December 2023

Notification to Finalists

28 February 2024

Final and Awards Presentation Ceremony (Hong Kong)

Competition Details


The mission is to design a flexible, multipurpose living space for a 600 ft² apartment based on the below floor plan. All partition walls within the unit are non-structural walls, each with a thickness of 75mm. All non-structural walls can be removed and redesigned. The kitchen and bathroom can be freely relocated and modified, allowing for a flexible floor layout design. Please refer to the below PDF.


All Entries must be registered via online registration system on the Competition’s website ( from 12:00 hrs on 17 August 2023 to 23:59 hrs on 10 November 2023 (GMT+8). Entries received after the deadline will NOT be accepted.

Entrants are required to fill in all information in English. Entrants may be required to submit or re-submit any supporting documentation as and when required if discrepancy is found before the entry becomes eligible. The information required includes:

  • Team information
  • Project information
    • Project title
    • Project synopsis including design concept, unique features and description details (max. 300 words)
  • Attachments
    • 10 images* maximum including floor plan, 3D graphics of isometric view / perspective *Image Requirement: Max. 6MB
  • One side at least 2400 pixels
  • RGB colour code for JPEG / PNG / PDF

Upon submitting an entry, the Entrant will not be able to amend any application details after the deadline.

An acknowledgement email will be issued to the Entrant upon successful registration. Details of the Competition, official updates, any changes to the Competition timetable shall be uploaded to the Competition Website.

Entrants are advised to check the Competition Website from time to time for any new information or changes related to the Competition, including but not limited to changes to the terms of this Competition. Entrants shall be deemed to have received, read, understood and accepted all matters, information or changes as announced on the Competition Website. All matters, information or changes as announced in the above website concerning the Competition shall be deemed confirmed with and shall be binding upon all Entrants.

Upon submission of Entries, Entrants are deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions set out on the Competition Website.

An entry can be submitted by an individual (a single entity) or in a team of three or less persons. More than one entry submission is allowed.

If the ownership of an Entry does not belong to a single entity, the applying entity must obtain authorisation from all relevant entities to ensure the accuracy of the presented information at times of registration and enrolment.


Five panel judges comprising architectural and interior design veterans, renowned design professionals, academia and senior management leader of the Organiser who will then evaluate and shortlist Entries online before announcing a total of 13 finalists on the Competition Website. 10 finalists will be shortlisted to compete for Champion, First runner-up and Second runner-up places at the finale event, while three others will compete for “Young Design Talent Award” at the same event. All finalists are invited to the “Final and Awards Presentation Ceremony” event and are required to present their work onstage in front of the judges, followed by Q&A. Winners will be announced at the end of the event followed by prize presentation. The event will take place on 28 February 2024 in Hong Kong.

Judging Criteria

The decision of the judging panel shall be final and binding to all parties concerned.
All Entries will be judged based on the criteria below:

Creativity, innovativeness and originality (35%)

The design shall demonstrate a unique, creative approach to designing a living space given a floor plan with dimensions and measurements. Innovative, original ideas and the ability to bring those ideas to life through the design work are essential.

Functionality (25%)

The design shall address the needs and wants of millennial families of living space in the provided floor plan layout. Not only are the basic functional requirements of a home necessary, but a cosy, multifunctional space is also vital to stand out the work among others.

Aesthetics (15%)

The design shall provide a decent and harmonious appearance with its own character and design language, creating a visually appealing home space, with a pleasing balance of colours, textures, and forms.

Use of sustainable materials and technologies (15%)

The design shall incorporate eco-friendly materials and technologies that minimise environmental impact of home space and contribute to energy saving and sustainability practices, while maintaining a high level of functionality and aesthetics. 

Theme adherence (10%)

The design shall address the competition theme well, with a clear understanding of flexible, multifunctional living space in a given floor plan which can be articulated and reflected in the context of home space design.


A total of four prizes will be awarded. Respective winners will receive the below prize in person during the Final and Awards Presentation Ceremony in Hong Kong on 28 February 2024:

      • Champion: A trophy, a certificate and a cash prize of HK$50,000
      • First runner-up: A trophy, a certificate and a cash prize of HK$30,000
      • Second runner-up: A trophy, a certificate and a cash prize of HK$20,000
      • Young Design Talent Award*: A trophy, a certificate and a cash prize of HK$5,000


* To become eligible to compete for the Young Design Talent Award, all team members must be below 35 years old (as of 31 December 2023). The Organiser has the right to request for verification of all Entrants’ ages at any point of time throughout the Competition.



The Beloved Nest

Leung Hon Chi, Gavin & Wong Ka Chun, Bob

First Runner-up


Wong Ching Yi, Cheung Wai Yin, Cheung Ka Wing

Second Runner-up

"Walls On Wheels” - WOW Homes !

Jamaludeen, Faheem Ahamed

Young Design Talent Award

Harmony Haven: Empowering Sustainable Lifestyles in Transformable Spaces

Leung Ching Tao Albert, Kwan Long, Cheung Ho Yin

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For enquiries, please contact HKRI PRI2DE Creative Camp 4.0 Organising Committee at (852) 9291 8896 / (852) 2527 3968 or email